Dreeny Paine

This woman is so gifted in what she does. Not only gifted but she does the work, very intelligent, wise, and incredibly business minded. I have looked up to her as an inspiration and mentor for years, and I'm not alone! Danyale is kind and passionately invests her gifts and knowledge in the success of others. I promise, this is who you want on your right shoulder!


Carolyn Savage

I started a coaching package with Danyale last June and it was worth every penny. Through my coaching sessions with Danyale I was able to scale my business and do less of the work. She helped me see beyond myself, and the stress of my daily grind. Choose prosperity and get very clear on what I wanted to achieve. I looked back at a goal sheet she had given me to fill out and I cried because she helped me achieve everything on that list! Thank you again Danyale, you are a continuous blessing to ALL OF US. I would definitely recommend her program to anyone that is struggling to get to "that life".

June Dillinger.jpg

June Dillinger

Because she listens and she hears what I am saying. Danyale has the ability to untangle a mess, smooth it out with solutions and make sense of everything. I presented her with idea of how I saw my business and what it could look like. She offered a clean cut, inspiring and relatively simply way to handle all that I wanted to produce, AND in the most timely manner. Well worth her weight in gold. She is a fresh breath of air, a joy to work with and I would recommend her service to anyone who needs support in putting their dreams and ideas in alignment with functioning productive ways to do so. Danyale Thomas Ross is the one!